Samara Scott

Born in 1984, London
lives and works in London


MA - Royal College of Art, London, UK
BA - Camberwell College of Art, London, UK

solo exhibitions

Jacobs Creek, The Sunday Painter, Los Angeles, USA
Developer, Pump House Gallery, Battersea Park, London, UK
Still Life, Jupiter Artland, Edinburgh, UK
Granpalazzo, Zagarolo (Rome), IT
Silks, Eastside Projects, Birmingham, UK
Harvest, The Sunday Painter, London, UK
Lonely Planet, Almanac Inn, Turin, IT
High Street, 176, Zabludowicz, London, UK
Baggy, Mars Contemporary, Munich, D
Now, CO2, Rome, IT
Poems, Almanac, London, UK
Cascading Style Sheets, Peckham Palazzo, Venice Biennale, Venice, IT
Basic Instinct, Legion TV, London, UK
Cd0xdsspi, Rowing, London, UK
Four Seasons, Arts and Jobs, London, UK
Ferrero Roche, Set design for LuckypdfTV, Frieze Projects, London, UK
Scented Beach, New Gallery, London, UK

group shows

Voyage, Bergamin & Gomide, São Paulo, BR
Days are Dogs, Carte Blanche to Camille Henrot, Palais De Tokyo, Paris, FR
Infected Objects # 2 Circulation – Otherwise, Unhinged, Future Gallery, Berlin, D
The transparent tortoiseshell and the un-ripe umbrella, Glasgow Sculpture Studios, Glasgow, UK
I was once loneliness, Blain Southern, Berlin, D
Raffneries, Moly-Sabata, Lyon, Sablons (Lyons), FR
Taverna: siamo aperti, Icastica, Arezzo, IT
Tomorrow: London, South London Gallery, London, UK
I am a Painting, Kumu Museam, Tallin, EE
Surface Protection Plus, Loyal Gallery, Stockholm, S
Arroz sem sal, Silvia Cintra Gallery, Rio de Janeiro, BR
Pre-pop to Post-human, Hayward Touring, Southbank Centre, London, UK
An element of whim, Fokidos 21, Athens, GR
Letchworth: A Vision of Utopia, International Garden City Exhibition, Letchworth Garden City, UK
As real as walking down the street to the grocery store, Rowing, London, UK
Push and Paint, Touch and Display, Vitrine, London, UK
Music and Dreams, The Moving Museum, London, UK
The Cock Crow, CO2, Turin, IT
Fresh Air Collection, Space, London, UK
Girl on Girl, One Thoresby Street, Nottingham, UK
Verging on the Absurd, Contemporary Art Society, London, UK
Open Plan, Kinman, London, UK
Unspecifc Objects, Royal Standard, Liverpool, UK
Duty Free, Arkas?irket Foundation, Kilyos, Istanbul, TR
Young London 2012, V22, London, UK
Stereopsis, The Drawing Room, London, UK
Accidentally on Purpose, QUAD, Derby, UK
The Eltham Open, Gerald Moore, London, UK
Samara Scott & Marriane Spur, Seventeen Gallery, London, UK
Seriously Connected Old Grey Hair, Cristopher Cresent at hd Projects, New York, USA
The Response, The Sunday Painter, London, UK
Between Worlds, Folkestone Biennale, Folkestone, UK
Sleeping Upright, online exhibition at Nottingham Contemporary, Nottingham, UK
Mocha non-truth, Cul de Sac, London, UK
Three Vertices, LVL3, Chicago, USA
B.C # 2, Mexico, Leeds, UK

other projects

Infinity Hospitality, Catering concept for Sunday Art Fair, ongoing events
Medea Costume Design for live theatrical performance, Isle of Grota, Gothenburg, Sweden, S
Set and Costume design for The Birds, a play/performance by Daniel Kelly

awards and residencies

Almanac Inn, Turin
International Garden City Exhibition, Letchworth Garden City, UK
Arts Council Grants for the Arts bursary
Arkas?irket Foundation Kilyos, Istanbul, TR
Arts Foundation Yoma Sasburg award Shortlist
Dazed and Confused emerging artist award